The Trust...

The mission of trust is to progress & develop the country by providing different fields like engineering & technology, business administration, computer technology, pharmaceutical etc. For that trust wants to establish different institutes of B.E; MBA, B-Pharm etc. within 10 years. The trust wants to train every student to give proper way to his/her imagination power which is the real education. The trust wants to build the powerful society full of virtues & dedication to country. For that is decided to treat each student as an independent person to find out his/her talent, to guide one to complete his/her life & career targets.
Details of Managements
The Management viz, Shri Gujarat Gopalak Sarvoday Trust was formed on 30th September 1991 with main object of development of Educational Activities & Promotion of education & Knowledge amongst the people without any prejudice to caste & creed. The promoters of the Management are as under.